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This report discloses the specific achievements of Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. sustainable practices for the year 2022. As this is the first time TSC  has compiled a sustainability report, the scope of this report is limited to the operations in Taiwan (Taiwan headquarters, I-lan Site and Li-Je Site) within the consolidated financial report boundary. In the future, overseas operations and subsidiaries will gradually be included in the disclosure scope. To present the trend of changes over the years, some data will be traced back to information before 2022. Any inconsistencies of the report period or adjustments to the information disclosure scope will be noted and explained in the report.

This report was issued in September 2023, with an information disclosure period from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. It is expected to be published annually, with the next edition scheduled for June 2024.


2022 TSC Sustainability Report (EN)
2022 TSC Sustainability Report (ZH)

By Chapter

CH0 About this Report
CH1 Sustainable Operation and Governance
CH2 Innovative Products and Services
CH3 Responsible Procurement
CH4 Equal Workplace
CH5 Green Manufacturing and Operation
CH6 Sharing our Prosperity with Society
CH7 Appendix
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