Youth Empowerment

TSC recognizes that talent is crucial for industrial development, and therefore places great emphasis on talent cultivation. To support students in their growth, the company has been actively implementing internship programs in recent years. Moving forward, we will strengthen our collaboration with academic institutions to promote research project plans and scholarship programs, to nurture more skilled and practical talents.

In 2022, Taiwan collaborated with a reputable university in Yilan to enhance the internship experience for college students. As part of this collaboration, the university’s career development center organized an internship briefing. During this briefing, students had the chance to engage in individual interviews to gain deeper insights into and participate in the Company’s internship program. The program achieved an impressive attendance rate of 93.3%. Through these interviews, interested students were able to gain a better understanding of the company’s recruitment requirements.

In addition to creating a training plan, TSC implements a mentorship program for interns. Each intern is paired with a mentor who offers professional guidance, consultation, and support. This program allows students to intern at the TSC Li-Je Site during their senior year. Upon completion of the internship, interns are required to give presentations to showcase their learning and accomplishments at TSC. This helps them develop their presentation and oral communication skills.

To implement the internship program, TSC has established evaluation and supervision mechanisms. These mechanisms ensure the effective implementation and achievement of the internship program’s expected goals. They involve questionnaire surveys and mutual evaluations between students and mentors, fostering good communication. Mentors assist students in setting specific and achievable phased goals. Students gain experience and a deep understanding of basic process theory and semiconductor device physics through on-site practical operations. This internship experience not only provides valuable work experience but also cultivates professional abilities and leadership skills. It enables students to gain advanced knowledge of industry technology and core competencies required in the workplace, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

TSC is dedicated to improving the competitiveness of young people and nurturing talent in the semiconductor industry. We will further our collaboration with academic institutions and forge lasting partnerships with schools. We aim to foster cooperation with college departments and jointly create internship programs and projects that are both practical and innovative. These initiatives may include technical project research, company visits, educational internships, and industry-technology collaborations. All programs and projects will be tailored to meet the specific needs of companies and align with market trends, offering students valuable opportunities to engage with the industry and develop their careers.

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