Talent Attraction and Retention

Talent is an important asset of TSC. The Company’s goal is to establish a diverse, equal, and inclusive friendly workplace, respecting the uniqueness and differences of all employees. In order to achieve this goal, TSC recruits and employs talents domestically and internationally, and ensures that relevant processes are strictly in accordance with laws and regulations. Across our global deployment, TSC provides various employment opportunities through online and offline recruitment channels with a diversified and inclusive recruitment policy, regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. As such, the Company’s employees across both headquarters and sites come from all over the world, including Asia (Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Vietnam).

All 612 Taiwan-region employees in TSC are full-time regular employees (including cleaning staff), with nearly 20% in management positions. The percentage of female managers is 35%. Due to the nature of the industry, the percentage of male employees is currently slightly higher than that of female employees, but efforts will be made to continuously increase the percentage of female managers.

2022 Employee Distribution in Taiwan (by Various Indicators)

ItemMaleFemaleGroup Subtotals and Percertages
Number of PeoplePercentage of the ClassificationNumber of PeoplePercentage of the ClassificationNumber of PeoplePercentage of the Classification
AgeUnder 30 years old (incusive)7160.2%4739.8%11819.2%
31 to 49 years old24456.4%18943.6%43370.8%
50 years old and above3557.4%2642.6%6110%
Position LevelManagement Position7865%4235%12019.6%
General Personnel27255.3%22044.7%49280.4%
Employee Categoty Permanent Employee35057.2%26242.8%612100%
Temporary Employee00%00%00%
Non-guaranteed Hours Employee00%00%00%
Full-time Employee35057.2%26242.8%612100%
Part-time Employee00%00%00%

Diverse Recruitment Channels and Talent Management

In order to continuously enhance the diversity of the work environment, we use online channels to recruit talents. This not only helps more people get to know TSC but also attracts more domestic and international mid-to-senior level professionals, promoting our job openings to highly matched talents. In 2022, in response to the Company’s long-term development plan and organizational adjustments, existing departments were added, including Public Relations Department and Supply Chain Management Department. Thus, the number of employees in 2022 increased by more than 10% compared with 2021.

If you would like to join TSC, please refer to career page for more info.

Human Resource Development

To retain talented employees, we offer equal salaries and diverse benefits, fostering employee cohesion and supporting sustainable development. The Company regularly reviews market compensation levels, reward structures, and benefit policies, ensuring effective communication with employees. This forms the basis for comprehensive salary and benefit packages, including base salary, allowances, and performance bonuses, to retain elite talent and support continuous growth.

We maintain a stable promotion system by prioritizing qualified employees and regularly assessing performance and career development. Adjustments are made based on job functions and potential. To adapt to industry changes, TSC provides professional skills
training and internal rotation opportunities. Talent development is actively promoted through inter nal training, overseas programs, and succession plans. For employees seeking career transitions, we collaborate with the Employment Services office to provide relevant job information.

For more details, please refer to TSC 2022 ESG Report, Chapter 4.

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