Customer Relationship Management

The Company maintains close communication with customers through comprehensive customer service, including proactively contacting and visiting customers, conducting satisfaction surveys, and providing a smooth channel for communication of grievances. Based on customer needs and feedback on products and services, TSC continuously optimizes customer experience and reduces product defect and recall rates, thereby improving customer retention and Company performance.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

In addition to a smooth grievance channel, customer satisfaction surveys are crucial for maintaining strong customer relationships. TSC conducts annual surveys to understand customer needs and improve our products, converting those needs into actions to boost our long-term competitiveness. We select customers based on the previous year’s revenue and send out surveys covering product, delivery, and service. After collecting these and analyzing the feedback, we proactively seek further input from customers who gave lower scores and implement specific improvements. We then follow up six months later with another survey to confirm the effectiveness of these measures. Our consistent customer satisfaction scores of 4.5 or above over the past three years demonstrate our commitment to providing high-quality service.

Customer Audit Service

To handle customer suggestions and feedback promptly and comprehensively, the Company seeks to understand customer opinions through various means. In addition to the above satisfaction surveys and customer grievance channels, TSC periodically cooperates with customers to conduct audit operations, allowing customers to have a better understanding of our Company’s products and operational processes, and enhancing trust in TSC. In 2022, a total of 3 were conducted with 3 customers.

With complex challenges such as advancements in production technology and increasing customer demands, TSC must ensure the implementation of quality management in the supply chain. When customers request VDA 6.3 process audits, the Company immediately initiates relevant preparations and arranges customer visitation processes to actively respond to customer demands. Ultimately, through quantified scoring results, we strengthen product process quality management to ensure that the quality of the supplied products meets customer requirements and increases our competitiveness.

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