Power Supply


The merchant power supply market consists of power conversion products sold as building block items for incorporation into other products. This usually consists of single output or multi output AC-DC or DC-DC converters available as products. This market is driven by adherence to standards, including global safety for medical and or industrial specifications, compliance including standby and operating energy efficiency standards, global safety requirements and EMC compliance standards. 

Additionally, warranties for these products are often 5 years or more such that quality and reliability are imperative when used either intermittently and cycled or left on to power 24 x 7 mission critical systems. These products often meet standards such as Belcore and -or MIL STD 810X for environmental – temperature, shock, and vibration and more. 

It goes without saying that the reliability and performance of end equipment is dictated in a large way by the attributes and reliability of the power supplies selected to power the system.  Power Supplies are used across all market sectors and segments of the electronics industry. Moreover, the expectations for conformance to Eco and green initiatives including RoHS, WEEE and other global environmental and sustainability standards is an expectation.

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