New package – SMPC4.6U passed Board Level Reliability request for automotive application

Taiwan Semiconductor  (TSC), a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs and ESD protection devices, announces the package – SMPC4.6U passed Board Level Reliability (BLR) testing for automotive applications.

BLR verification is important in automotive application to prove the device with high robustness and reliability.  To pass BLR testing can make SMPC4.6U to be trusted for automotive component and when working in safety applications, engine control unit and so on…

SMPC4.6U is manufactured with high grade material to eliminate the moisture and increase the reliability. It’s also changed the lead shape to wettable flank that can prevent poor soldering if copper exposed. The thermal resistance is reduced by a exposed heat sink to translate the heat into PCB. The device size is 64% smaller than SMC package that is no thermal behavior, therefore the power density is improved also.

We –TSC implement different wafer technology and different products into SMPC4.6U package.
Below list just shows some products ae released recently.
TechnologyPart NumberVRRM(V)IF(A)VF(V)IR(µA)Trr(ns)TJ(°C)
STD GPPTUAS3xH200~100031.15-150
STD GPPTUAS4xH200~100041.15-150
STD GPPTUAS6xH200~100061.15-150
STD GPPTUAS8xH200~100081.15-150
FR GPPTUAR4xH200~100041.45150150
HER GPPTUAU4xH200~100040.9~1.9550150/175
HER GPPTUAU6xH200~100061~1.7550150/175
HER GPPTUAU8xH200~100081~1.7550150/175
HER GPPTUAU10xH200~1000101~1.7550175
UF PlanarPUUP3xH100~20030.93225175
UF PlanarPUUP4xH100~20040.93225175
UF PlanarPUUP6xH100~20060.94225175
Note: x = B: 100V, x = D: 200V, x = G: 400V, x = J: 600V , x = K: 80V, x= M: 1000V
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