New Package – Automotive Qualified 200V FRED Added to a Family of Popular ThinDPAK Packaged Devices


Taiwan Semiconductor(TSC), a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs and ESD protection devices, announces an additional 200V Ultra fast diode to the family of ThinDPAK devices.


  • Low profile (1.3mm height) ThinDPAK package
  • Ultra fast (trr < 25ns) reduces switching losses and improves efficiency
  • Footprint compatible with traditional DPAK package with 44% low profile to increase power density
  • Heatsink area is 20% larger than traditional DPAK package to reduce the thermal resistance
  • Operating temperature range from -55°C to 175°C
  • Automotive and Industrial grade available


  • High frequency switching
  • DC/DC converters

Product Portfolio

TechnologyPart NumberVRRM(V)IF(A)VF(V)IR(µA)Trr(ns)TJ(°C)Config.
UF PlanarPUAD4D(H)20040.92225175Single
UF PlanarPUAD8D(H)20041.0225175Single
UF PlanarPUAD6DC(H)2002*30.95225175Common Cathode
UF PlanarPUAD8DC(H)2002*40.92225175Common Cathode
UF PlanarPUAD10D(H)2002*50.95225175Common Cathode

* Adding “H” inthe tail of Part Number are Automotive grade.

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